Product Launch: EMS Silicone Facial Brush

Just on time for Christmas we are launching our new Face Vital EMS Silicone Facial Brush ! Immediately available in three beautiful colors.

Ready for shipment, please place your order !

Follow this link to our product page. 

These are the product highlights:

USB rechargeable, medical-grade silicone facial brush for cleansing and beauty with 3 colorful operating modes:

  • Cleansing Vibration Mode (Blue LED)
  • Heat Leading-in Mode (Red LED)
  • EMS Micro-current Mode (Purple LED)



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xZuYisyDQkBopKE September 28, 2020

I purchased this item about a month ago on Amazon. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. But, not it doesn’t turn on. Or if it randomly turns on, it turns off within seconds. Any guidance or pointers on how to resolve this issue?

Amanda Bolaños May 28, 2020

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