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Environment and Sustainability

In connection with the sale of batteries or with the delivery of devices that contain batteries, we are under obligation to bring the following to your attention:
As the end user, you are legally under obligation to return used batteries. You can return old batteries, which offer or have offered in our new battery assortment, free of charge to our dispatch warehouse (dispatch address). The symbols showed on the batteries have the following meaning:
The symbol of the crossed-out dustbin means that the battery may not be discarded with the household waste.
Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004 percent by mass of Lead
Cd = Battery contains more than 0.002 percent by mass of Cadmium
Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005 percent by mass of Mercury.

Please pay attention to the above instructions.

Product - Leaf Fusion Plasma

Leaf can certainly be used safely on most skin types, including sensitive skin as it works with all actives including soothing or anti-inflammatory ingredients.

However, if you suffer from rosacea or tend to over-exfoliate, you should proceed with caution and it should not be used on irritated skin or if you suffer from a skin disease.

You should not use Leaf if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or immediately after a treatment or operation. There are also a few medical conditions and situations in which Leaf should not be used. To be on the safe side, we always recommend that you contact your medical practitioner if you have any doubts or if you suffer from any medical condition.

There are no such limitations – you can use Leaf with any type of skincare products.

For skin care at home, we recommend using Leaf once a day together with skincare products that are suitable for your skin type.

Each mode takes 5 minutes so the three modes (Plasma, Electroporation and Micro-current) take 15 minutes, all in all.

Yes, you should still see results but the degree of improvements you will see vary from person to person. And as always, regardless of how often you use the device, it is important to use it as prescribed for best results.

Yes, there are no problems using Leaf twice a day and if you do, you will see improved results.

And to make the most of doing two treatments per day, we recommend that you use different skincare products for each treatment. Using one kind of cosmetics for the first treatment and a different kind of cosmetics for the second treatment the same day will improve the results even further.

Plasma is often called “the fourth state of matter,” along with solid, liquid and gas. Just as a liquid will boil, changing into a gas when energy is added, heating a gas will form a plasma – a soup of positively charged particles (ions) and negatively charged particles (electrons).

Since the Leaf Fusion Plasma device establishes microchannels in the skin similar to microneedling or mesotherapy, but without their negative side effects (i.e. damaging the skin tissue) all of these serums/lotions/cremes can also be used with the Leaf device.

When switched to micro-current mode, the Leaf device has three different intensity levels. These are the values for each level:

  • Level 1: appr. 248 Microampere (µA)
  • Level 2: appr. 360 Microampere (µA)
  • Level 3: appr. 510 Microampere (µA)

1. Launch the Leaf Smart Update site on your smartphone, you have two options for doing this:

  • Option 1: Scan the following QR code with the camera of your smartphone:

2. Select on top of the page the desired skin type (oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin).

3. Press and hold the second Smart Update button on your Leaf device for at least 3 seconds.

4. Place the Leaf in the center of the flashing circle on your smartphone's screen and the Leaf settings for your cosmetic will be set automatically.

Based on the information provided by GCS (who holds the patent for the Leaf device and has developed and produces the Leaf device) there was NO animal testing involved.

The warranty time for the Leaf Fusion Plasma device is 12 months. Please note, we at Face Vital, will always help and support you in case you experience any issues with any of our sold products, including the Leaf Fusion Plasma. Send us the faulty device and we will replace it during the warranty time. For proper usage and initial troubleshooting please kindly review also the user's manual. Please contact Face Vital for further assistance. If the problem cannot be resolved, we will provide you with a paid shipping label, so you can return the malfunctioning device free of charge. Once we receive the defective device we will immediately send you a new replacement device. For all further steps we will directly engage with the manufacturer of the device.

Product - FACE VITAL Skin Scrubber

  1. Ultrasonic deep cleansing technology – The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber produces 24,000Hz per second of ultrasonic waves that effectively loosen clogged pores and exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells painlessly.
  2. Micro-current pulse technology and intermittent ultrasonic help boost cell collagen regeneration and activates cell vitality, ensuring your skin remains moisturized and healthy. Firms and lifts skin.
  3. Advanced ion technology – The positive ion helps removes dirt and deeply cleanses the skin. It accelerates the speed of skin cell metabolism, softens old keratin, restores skin elasticity and helps keep skin feeling tight and smooth. The negative ion nutrition leading-in function helps break down and refine larger molecules such as collagen to massage and support your skin to easily absorb nutrients.
  4. Bio Blue Light – wavelength 465±3nm: diminishes inflammation, kills bacterium and propionibacterium acnes, removes acne and scars etc.

24 kHz

Deep Cleansing - Overview

1. Apply skin cleansing serum/oil to your face, keep your face always moist.

2. Turn on the device. Choose the first “Continuous Wave Deep Cleansing Mode” or third “High Level Deep Cleansing Mode”. Hold the unit with the control panel away from the face. Cleanse the face according to the diagram on the bottom of this page. Treatment time is typically 3-5 mins per session – no more than 5 times per week. We recommend starting with the first “Continuous Wave Deep Cleansing Mode”.

3. Wash your face with water after treatment.

Deep Cleansing - Device Usage

We recommend using the device according to the following diagram, as it encourages the body’s natural lymphatic drainage.

Deep Cleansing - Device Usage

1.Glide the device from the neck upwards on the face in horizontal strokes. Repeat on both sides of the face.

2. Methodically work over all areas of the face as shown in the illustration.

3. Change the direction of the device and glide it in vertical strokes starting from the neck area. Work from the jaw to the hairline.

4. Cleanse around the curve of the nostrils using the curved inner edge of the blade.

Tips for Effective Cleansing

1. Use the scooped out middle section of the blade to cleanse the chin area under the lip. Use vertical strokes.

2. Select the first “Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Mode” to work around the eyebrow area. Avoid the delicate under eye area when using the third “High Level Deep Cleansing Mode”.

Tips for effective cleansing

1. Apply your favorite serum or moisturizer to your face. Hold the device so that the blade is directly placed (flat) on against the skin.

2. Turn on the device and select the second “Lift Up Mode” or the fourth “Sonophoresis Mode”. We recommend starting with the “Lift Up Mode” first.

3. Using gentle pressure, glide the device over the surface of the skin using the flat side of the blade. For best results, work slowly moving the blade backwards at all times.

4. 3-5 minutes is enough for each treatment. Use 3-5 times per week.

Lift up and sonophoresis

Tips for Lift up and Sonophoresis

Begin on the neck area. With gentle pressure, glide the blade over the surface of the skin, using backward movement, working from the center of the face outwards.

First step lifting

Continue upwards from the jawline to the hairline. Glide over the face until all product is absorbed.

2nd step lifting

Product - FACE VITAL Silicone Facial Brush

The Face Vital Silicone Facial Brush vibrates/oscillates 10000 times per minute (tolerance +/- 3000).