• What functions and what technology has been incorporated into the Scrubber?

1. Ultrasonic deep cleansing technology – The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber produces 24,000Hz per second of ultrasonic waves that effectively loosen clogged pores and exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells painlessly.

2. Micro-current pulse technology and intermittent ultrasonic help boost cell collagen regeneration and activates cell vitality, ensuring your skin remains moisturized and healthy. Firms and lifts skin.

3. Advanced ion technology – The positive ion helps removes dirt and deeply cleanses the skin. It accelerates the speed of skin cell metabolism, softens old keratin, restores skin elasticity and helps keep skin feeling tight and smooth. The negative ion nutrition leading-in function helps break down and refine larger molecules such as collagen to massage and support your skin to easily absorb nutrients.

4. Bio Blue Light – wavelength 465±3nm: diminishes inflammation, kills bacterium and propionibacterium acnes, removes acne and scars etc.

  • What ultrasonic frequency does the Face Vital Skin Scrubber deliver?

24 kHz

  • How do I utilize the Skin Scrubber for deep cleansing?

Follow this link for a detailed description.

  • How do I utilize the Scrubber for Lift-up and Sonophoresis?

Follow this link for a detailed explanation.