Deep Cleansing Mode

1. Apply skin cleansing serum/oil to your face, keep your face always moist.
2. Turn on the device. Choose the first “Continuous Wave Deep Cleansing Mode” or third “High Level Deep Cleansing Mode”. Hold the unit with the control panel away from the face. Cleanse the face according to the diagram on the bottom of this page. Treatment time is typically 3-5 mins per session – no more than 5 times per week. We recommend starting with the first “Continuous Wave Deep Cleansing Mode”.
3. Wash your face with water after treatment.
Deep Cleansing - Device Usage
We recommend using the device according to the following diagram, as it encourages the body’s natural lymphatic drainage.
Deep Cleansing - Device Usage
1.Glide the device from the neck upwards on the face in horizontal strokes. Repeat on both sides of the face.
2. Methodically work over all areas of the face as shown in the illustration.
3. Change the direction of the device and glide it in vertical strokes starting from the neck area. Work from the jaw to the hairline.
4. Cleanse around the curve of the nostrils using the curved inner edge of the blade.
Tips for Effective Cleansing
1. Use the scooped out middle section of the blade to cleanse the chin area under the lip. Use vertical strokes.
2. Select the first “Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Mode” to work around the eyebrow area. Avoid the delicate under eye area when using the third “High Level Deep Cleansing Mode”.
Tips for effective cleansing


Lift Up and Sonophoresis Mode

1. Apply your favorite serum or moisturizer to your face. Hold the device so that the blade is directly placed (flat) on against the skin.
2. Turn on the device and select the second “Lift Up Mode” or the fourth “Sonophoresis Mode”. We recommend starting with the “Lift Up Mode” first.
3. Using gentle pressure, glide the device over the surface of the skin using the flat side of the blade. For best results, work slowly moving the blade backwards at all times.
4. 3-5 minutes is enough for each treatment. Use 3-5 times per week.
Lift up and sonophoresis
Tips for Lift up and Sonophoresis
Begin on the neck area. With gentle pressure, glide the blade over the surface of the skin, using backward movement, working from the center of the face outwards.
First step lifting
Continue upwards from the jawline to the hairline. Glide over the face until all product is absorbed.
2nd step lifting