Product Launch: EMS Silicone Facial Brush

Just on time for Christmas we are launching our new Face Vital EMS Silicone Facial Brush ! Immediately available in three beautiful colors.

Ready for shipment, please place your order !

Follow this link to our product page. 

These are the product highlights:

USB rechargeable, medical-grade silicone facial brush for cleansing and beauty with 3 colorful operating modes:

  • Cleansing Vibration Mode (Blue LED)
  • Heat Leading-in Mode (Red LED)
  • EMS Micro-current Mode (Purple LED)

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Absolutly loved this, only brush o felt lived up to what its suppose to do. And yeah $40 was worth that to me untill it died within the week and wouldn’t charge. Promised by the company for replacement but they sent a used one outside the package, missing stand plus covered in soapscum and hair!!! And now wont send a new one, just promised refund. I want the replacement of a new device that works, as that’s what I paid for. Wonderful device, horrible company and I will not stop letting everyone know the lifespan and how its dealt with by this company untill I get a new one. I didnt pay this kind of money and waited for 2 diff devices so I could use it a week. Here it’s covid rampant and yall send out dirty used facial cleansers to keep from losing$$ when a product turns out defective. And no one wants to reach out to me about this!!!!

Courtney Smith January 22, 2021

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